The Amazon Kindle is a hand held wireless reader. It’s a compact electronic book with free wireless connection to download books you buy (at under $10), a simple web browser, and an audio book player.

It was specifically designed for reading text, although it does include very limited MP3 music support. It is not backlit like iPhone and iPod, has no color, and has no telephone capabilities. It is for reading.

It doesn’t play games, it doesn’t play videos, it doesn’t show your pictures. It is a reader.

There are many good reasons to own the Kindle reader by Amazon. Here are just 5 of them:

5. The Kindle is wireless and has a long battery life.

Content for the Kindle is delivered wirelessly via “Whispernet” which runs on Sprint’s EVDO wireless data network. There is no additional charge for this network. If you live in an area not covered by Sprint’s EVDO network, you can download Kindle content to your computer, then transfer it to Kindle via USB.

The battery life of the Kindle is quite respectable; certainly not like my lap top. And you can get accessory chargers for the car if you want. Replacement batteries are reasonable, unlike iPod, or some point and shoot camera.

4. There are over 1,000,000 books available, and more coming all the time.

Amazon has the equivalent of browsing a book in a bookstore: you can read a sample of any Kindle book for free, and if you like it, buy the full book. Periodicals (including blogs) offer a free two-week trial subscription; you can drop it before the end of two weeks and be billed nothing.

3. Papers and periodicals are delivered in a timely fashion.

Persons out of the US, such as my niece in Australia, like the newspaper feature. You won’t get the Woodside Country Almanac, or the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, but, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle are there. And more.

They like the timeliness of delivery. News stand papers are a couple days old. Kindle gets same day delivery.

People who take the paper through Kindle at home like that there is no pile of papers to recycle at the end of the week, and no rain-soaked ones, ever.

And, guess what, no ads!

2. Navigating in the Kindle is somewhat like navigating the web.

There is a back button, so you can return to where you were reading (Kindle remembers your page) after checking the dictionary, or perhaps checking another article in the paper. No more folded corners!

Do you like music in the background? Then you will like what the Kindle does with its limited MP3 capability. No multimedia device here. The music when turned on, is played in the background while you read. Your only adjustment is volume or on/off. The tracks are played randomly; no way to pause, skip a track, or select a favorite.

There is even a small keyboard if you want it. Do you like to underline, or leave notes in the margins? You still can with Kindle. And all these notes can be stored, and downloaded on your home Mac or PC.

And it has a preloaded dictionary.

1. The best reason of all: You will never be without something to read.

Are you an avid reader who always has at least one book going, sometimes 2 or 3?
Do you usually carry a book with you where ever you go, just in case you have a few minutes of empty time? Only to find you have more than a few minutes, and you have finished the book. Of-course there will be no good magazines in that waiting room.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry several books with you in your pocket? How about 1500 books, 5 magazines, a dictionary and 3 newspapers? All in your pocket at the same time. That would probably be enough.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it. But, it isn’t. You just need the Kindle reader created by Amazon.

There are so many more reasons to own a Kindle. Now is a good time to get yours!